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R.E. "Bob" Parker, P.E.

Vice Chairman Industry Relations and Strategic Initiatives

Value Delivered

Bob works closely with EMCOR Industrial Services company leadership to execute the growth strategy for the portfolio of EIS companies and nurture our leading presence within key industry circles. Bob provides counsel and analysis for potential acquisition opportunities that will compliment and broaden the EIS services portfolio for delivery of increased value to our clients.


Bob’s previous leadership role for over 30 years positioned REPCON (Robert E Parker CONstruction) from a regional construction and maintenance services provider to a leading national firm. REPCON is known as the premier U.S. service provider for HF Alky turnarounds and other critical projects. Bob’s dedication to his clients for a safe work environment and to “We Do Things Right”, fairness with employees, commitment to workforce development, contribution to local communities, his seat at the roundtable for critical legal issues and legislative process, and promotion of MERIT principles in the marketplace have positioned Bob as a trusted industry icon.

Personal Side

Bob enjoys spending time with his family and managing the ecosystem and operations of their ranch in South Texas. He is a recognized and enthusiastic sporting clays competitor, and actively involved in a wide range of charitable and community activities.