EMCOR Industrial Services (EIS) companies were established and continue to successfully operate based upon providing expertise, tailored solutions, and being loyal to our clients within heavy industries. We continue to tailor our business model to ensure we deliver added value for our clients and shareholders.

To excel in this competitive business, we must maintain client TRUST, continue developing repeat business, cultivate clients that are willing to refer us to other sites within their company, and even communicate positive experiences with their competitors. Win/Win!

One of the greatest values that can be realized by our clients is the ability to source diverse offerings individually or in combination from a single entity. Our presence in the market increases options for industry owners to secure external resources for tailored contracting strategies. 

One of our greatest challenges is communicating an idea, process design, or project that is extremely complex and challenging, yet make it simpler for our colleagues to have the information and knowledge necessary to make wise decisions – who, what, when, where.

EIS companies provide specialized work on equipment that is located in all industrial processes during all types of events. We believe the answer is EMCOR Industrial Services. Whenever. Wherever.