Heat Transfer Equipment

EMCOR Industrial Services companies and our people are recognized within the U.S. as industry leaders for manufacturing and servicing highly engineered heat transfer equipment.

We create added value by building better, servicing faster, repairing or modifying to the highest standards, and ensuring the greatest operational reliability for our clients. 

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Whether it is limited access, elevated, heavy, large, simple or complex design, our supervision and crafts are experts and highly experienced with the following:

Heat Transfer Equipment Types

  • Shell and Tube 
  • Fin-Fans
  • A&B Style Screw Head “Breech Lock”
  • Vertical, Feed Effluent “Texas Towers”
  • Nested Tube “Borsig” 
  • Condensers 
  • Chillers 
  • Waste Heat Boilers
  • Re-boilers 


  • Manufacturing
  • Tube: Repair/Replacement; Expansion, Welding, Plugging, Vibration Strip Installation
  • Tube Bundle Extraction/Installation
  • Code Repairs
  • Flange Resurfacing
  • Welding 
  • Bolting and Sealing
  • Cleaning

Related Services

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation/
    Testing (NDE/NDT)