Furnaces and Heaters

Illustration Graphic showcasing a welder working on furnace equipmentEMCOR Industrial Services companies are highly experienced with blind-to-blind coverage for maintaining, repair, modifying and retro-fitting furnaces and heaters which vary in design and servicing complexity.

We strive to identify any discovery items early, make strategic adjustments to maintain schedule, perform our work safely, and complete our work per client specification and industry standards.

Illustration Graphic showcasing workers assessing heater equipmentFurnace and Heater Types

  • Ethylene Furnaces
  • Can Heaters
  • Box Heaters
  • Reformers


  • Externals 
  • Internals  
  • Tube Extraction & Installation
  • Code Repairs 
  • Flange Resurfacing
  • Welding 
  • Bolting and Sealing
  • Refractory

Related Services

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation/Testing (NDE/NDT)