EMCOR Industrial Services companies provide a comprehensive array of machining services that are performed both off-site and on-site:


  • Horizontal Milling (Manual)
  • Vertical Milling (Manual & CNC)
  • Drilling (Manual & CNC)


We provide an extensive range of services for replacement and/or restoration of flange and/or component faces up to 120” in diameter. Our innovative pneumatic machines are light weight and portable, equipping our machinists to perform repairs in restricted access locations. 

  • Heat Transfer Equipment 
    • Tube Sheets
    • Channel Heads
    • Shells
    • Dollar Plates
    • Fin Fan (Air Cooled) Gasket Surfaces
  • Towers and Vessels
    • Manways
  • Pipe Flanges
    • Raised Face 
    • RTJ (Ring Type Joint) 
    • Lens Ring
    • O-Ring Grooved
    • Fire Tube Shell
    • High Pressure Steam
  • Pipe Beveling/Cutting

Illustration showcasing worker performing machining services

Image showcasing worker performing boilermaker services