Rigging, Engineered Lifting

auto_cad.jpgEMCOR Industrial Services companies have the knowledge, experience, and innovative rigging and lifting solutions to ensure safe, timely, and reliable placement or removal of large and/or heavy equipment.

We design our work activities for the least operational effects to adjacent process equipment and other competing work activities. 

  • Lift, Rigging, and Risk Management
  • Lift Planning
  • Engineered Lift Plans 
  • Customized Rigging Solutions 
  • Readiness Planning and Review
  • Critical “Bull Rigging”
  • Gantry Lifts
  • Counter Balance Beams
  • Jack and Slide Lifts

The catastrophic nature of a failure in this business leaves no room for a weak connection. We approach our work with respect, incorporating the greatest technical expertise and latest technology to help ensure success.