Rigging, Engineered Lifting

Autocad design showcasing rigging servicesEMCOR Industrial Services companies have the knowledge, experience, and innovative rigging and lifting solutions to ensure safe, timely, and reliable placement or removal of large and/or heavy equipment.

We design our work activities for the least operational effects to adjacent process equipment and other competing work activities. 

  • Lift, Rigging, and Risk Management
  • Lift Planning
  • Engineered Lift Plans 
  • Customized Rigging Solutions 
  • Readiness Planning and Review
  • Critical “Bull Rigging”
  • Gantry Lifts
  • Counter Balance Beams
  • Jack and Slide Lifts

The catastrophic nature of a failure in this business leaves no room for a weak connection. We approach our work with respect, incorporating the greatest technical expertise and latest technology to help ensure success.

Illustration showcasing rigging services